Acrylic Silicone Bonding Tape | Double Sided Differential Adhesive


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  • Applications: assembly and bonding of dissimilar materials, silicone coated and non-silicone coated splicing
  • Double-sided tape with acrylic and silicone adhesives
  • Bonds dissimilar materials
  • Bonds silicone foams, rubbers, cardboard, fabric, films and low surface energy substrates


This double-sided acrylic/silicone differential adhesive tape is designed to bond dissimilar materials quickly and efficiently. It has a silicone adhesive on one side and an acrylic adhesive on the other. This tape is often used in splicing when bonding a silicone coated liner to a non-silicone coated leader. It also bonds well to silicone foams, rubbers, cardboard, fabric, films, and some LSEs. The pink color on this differential tape makes it easy for identification purposes.


  • Construction: Double Sided
  • Carrier: Polyester (PET)
  • Carrier Thickness: 1.0 mil
  • Adhesive: Acrylic / Silicone
  • Adhesive Thickness: 2.0 mil of silicone/ 2.5 mil of acrylic
  • Total Tape Thickness: 5.5 mil
  • Adhesion to Steel: Acrylic 70 oz/in, Silicone 40 oz/in

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